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Debbie Merritt


Your special day is

all about you!

In my own Spirituality, I believe in tolerance for all, whatever race, gender, sexual orientation or spiritual path you may be on. We are all unique, and should be accepted as such. I can give you as much or as little guidance as you wish. I am happy to conduct ceremonies almost anywhere that is practical, and have conducted them on beaches, in woodland, formal locations, such as castles and stately homes, or in your back garden or living room. I have conducted themed ceremonies of the fancy dress type and ceremonies of various faiths or no faith. While I believe that all ceremonies are to be treated seriously, I also believe that all ceremonies should be a celebration, whether it is welcoming a new baby into a family, a wedding, blessing or handfasting, or saying farewell yet celebrating someone’s life in a funeral ceremony.
Debbie Merritt Independent Wedding and Funeral Celebrant
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Special Days in Special Ways
Who am I? I am Debbie Merritt. I have been conducting ceremonies for a variety of events for nearly 20 years. What this tells me is that people are looking to make their own choices about their spirituality and their beliefs, and want to be able to take control of the ceremonies that mean so much to them in their lives. I believe that you should be able to do just that, and with my knowledge and experience and your desire for things to be ‘just perfect’, between us we can make your special day special!